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Health canada
 Side Effect Reporting Form(Adverse Effect Form)
 Forgery Report Form for Controlled Substances
 Loss or Theft Report Form for Controlled Substances and Precursors
Ontario Drug benefit Forms
 Co-Payment Application for Seniors
 Trilium form
 Allergy form
 Nutrition form
 Insulin Syringes for Seniors Program
 Claim reversal ODB
OCP Forms
 Pharmacy Narcotic & Controlled Drug Register
 Dispensing error form
Third Parties
Brand coverage cards:
 See a full list of medications covered by innoviCares-Ontario
Commonly used Intervention Codes:
 Intervention codes - ODB
 Intervention codes - TELUS
 Intervention codes - GSC
Prior Authorization Forms
Pseudo-DIN List
 TELUS Pseudo-DIN List and diabetic Pseudo-DIN List
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